PIPETMAN M Multichannel P8x200M, 20-200 µL


With four pre-programmed pipetting modes and one custom mode available, the electronic PIPETMAN® M pipettes combines the simplicity of a mechanical pipette with the consistency of electronic liquid handling. Its lightweight, ergonomic design requires only very short pipetting strokes, making it comfortable to use. The PIPETMAN M range consists of eight single channel models (from 0.5 µL to 10 mL) and twelve multichannel models (from 0.5 µL to 1200 µL).

Consistency and Accuracy Across All Users

PIPETMAN M gives your pipetting tasks the consistency you would expect from sophisticated liquid handling systems. Designed for guaranteed accuracy and reproducibility in both standard and repetitive pipetting modes, the PIPETMAN M pipettes are synonymous with reliable sample preparation. Likewise, the multichannel PIPETMAN M models takes user variability out of plate filling. With their patented piston drive mechanism, the multichannel models provide absolute consistency in volume distribution across each channel.

Pipette with Less Effort

The easy-to-use PIPETMAN M uses a two button-operation to reach all menu options. Simply scroll between the four standard pipetting modes-pipet, repetitive, mix, and reverse-or choose to easily create custom protocols.

With the advanced PIPETMAN M software, you can create your own protocol including up to 40 tasks and confidently transfer it into your pipette.

To download the software, please email us at eshophk@gilson.com or call us at 852 2110 5726.

Pipette with More Comfort

Built from strong materials, the PIPETMAN M weight is optimized to create a perfectly balanced pipette with virtually zero pipetting forces for hours of pipetting comfort. Its award-winning designed body rests comfortably in your hand, and requires only a short pipetting stroke distance, which helps reduce repetitive stress injuries.




Pipette ModelP8x200M
Number of Channels8
Pipette TypeElectronic Air Displacement
Adjustable or Fixed VolumeAdjustable Volume
Pipette RangePIPETMAN M

Supporting Literature

PIPETMAN M Repetitive Pipetting Download (EN)    
Pipetman M Brochure Download (EN)    
PIPETMAN M Flyer Download (FR)    
PIPETMAN M Flyer Download (EN)    
ISO Documents
PIPETMAN M Declaration of Conformity Download (EN)    
Specification Sheets
PIPETMAN M Specifications Download (EN)    
Technical Notes
Cleaning and Decontamination Procedure for Gilson Pipettes Download (EN)    
PIPETMAN M Technical Product Information Download (FR)    
PIPETMAN M Volume and Increment Table Download (EN)    
User Guides
PIPETMAN M User Guide Download (FR)    
PIPETMAN M User Guide Download (EN)    
PIPETMAN M Quick Start Guide Download (EN)    

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