Benchtop Devices

Benchtop Devices with the Performance and Reliability You Expect

Gilson high-performance benchtop devices provide durability, flexibility, and reliability for today's laboratories. These devices offer innovative, dependable solutions for a variety of applications to help make your lab life easier and keep you focused on your research.


Discover More Protein Interactions - Faster and More Easily

EEXTRACTMAN® is a novel magnetic bead extraction platform that utilizes Exclusion-based Sample Preparation (ESP™) technology, delivering a fast and gentle approach for isolating target proteins from a variety of samples, and is ideal for isolating elusive, weakly-bound protein complexes critical to protein research. Simply slide the handle to process up to four samples simultaneously in as little as 30 seconds. EXTRACTMAN uses fewer steps than traditional magnetic bead-based procedures and detects more transiently bound protein-protein interactions compared to traditional co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) techniques.


High-performance Pumps for Liquid Transfer

MINIPULS® 3 is a high-performance, low-pulse peristaltic pump. Ideal for process laboratory liquid handling, the pump offers chemical-resistant heads equipped with 10 stainless steel rollers that set the performance standard in producing smooth, low-pulse, and reproducible flow rates at higher pressures.


EXTRACTMAN – A Novel Platform for Target Protein Isolation


Expect Expert Service—On-site, In-house, Online, or On the Phone

Gilson is committed to quality products and complete customer satisfaction. From system support to comprehensive training programs, Gilson provides dependable service solutions. Not sure of what steps to take? Simply contact our expert technical support staff.



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