PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Tips are designed to fit your PIPETMAN perfectly. They deliver accurate and precise pipetting in conjunction with Gilson pipettes. The sterilized TOWERPACK™ is individually wrapped in medical device-quality plastic to help protect the tips from contamination. The tip racks are color-coded for easy identification and compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Accurate and Precise

Using PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips with your PIPETMAN ensures maximum accuracy and precision and delivers consistent results. The perfect air-tight seal prevents leaks. The tips are made of pure polypropylene to deliver the correct volume and ensure complete dispensing. Volume graduations make it easy to visually check the volume aspirated.

Free of Detectable Contaminants

Gilson tips are manufactured and packaged in a clean room environment ensuring they are free of contaminants that can affect your experiments. Our sterilized tips are gamma-irradiated and are certified free of detectable DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, pyrogens, and trace metals. From mold to bench, our tips are guaranteed, certified, and traceable to meet the most stringent demands in many applications.

Convenient Use and Storage

The TOWERPACK refill system uses 60 percent less space on your bench and 70 percent less plastic than a regular rack box and allows you to refill your tips quickly and easily. Racks can be refilled using only one hand without touching the tips. TOWERPACK requires the use of the Universal Refill Box (Product Number F167100).


Material of ConstructionPolypropylene
Packaging FormatRacked - TOWERPACK
Tip ModelD300ST
Tip FilterNon-Filtered
Total Quantity960
Tip TypeUniversal Pipette Tips

Supporting Literature

TOWERPACK Leaflet Download (EN)    
ISO Documents
DIAMOND Tips Declaration of Conformity Download (EN)    
DIAMOND Tips Certificate Of Conformity Download (EN)    
DIAMOND Tips Quality Statement Download (EN)    
Consumables Technical Datasheet Download (EN)    
Pipette Tip Selection Table Download (EN)    

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