Trusted Solutions for Reliable Extraction

From compound isolation from biological, food, or environmental matrices to protein-protein interaction studies, we have the extraction solution you need to advance your science. From manual to automated solutions, choose from the most comprehensive range of instruments and consumables in the market that have unmatched reliability. Whether your priority is flexibility, throughput, or footprint, we have a system to fit your solid phase extraction (SPE) workflow. Our ASPEC® systems deliver better yields, reproducibility, and accuracy so you can have confidence in your results. For protein-protein interaction studies, the EXTRACTMAN® Magnetic Bead Platform offers a fast and gentle method to isolate protein complexes. For consistent, reliable results, trust Gilson extraction solutions.


Increase Your Throughput with Parallel Sample Processing

Increase your productivity with the ASPEC 274. This positive pressure, four-probe automated SPE system can process up to four samples in parallel, maximizing the throughput and efficiency of your SPE cartridge-based applications. Simply place your samples on the instrument, the ASPEC Pre-Capped SPE Cartridges into the mobile racks, and fill the solvent reservoirs. Run by the TRILUTION® LH software, you’ll get up to speed quickly and start processing your samples right away.


Improve Manual SPE Reproducibility

With uniform and consistent flow rate, the ASPEC Positive Pressure Manifold improves solid phase extraction (SPE) reproducibility and recovery, even with high viscosity samples. It integrates easily into lab workflows, and provides a fast and simple way to prepare samples for subsequent analysis by chromatography. The manifold offers better control among samples and between runs than traditional vacuum manifolds, providing greater confidence in your data. It’s easy to set up and use so you can get started right away. Compatible with both popular SPE cartridges and 96-well plates, you’ll get flexibility and be able to perform parallel extractions to increase your throughput and productivity.


Consistent Performance, Reliable Results

Get more reliable results with ASPEC SPE Cartridges. These ready-to-use, high-quality silica and polymer cartridges come in a variety of industry-standard phases and are available in 1, 3, and 6 mL cartridges, or 96-well plates. The narrow particle size distribution improves performance and lot-to-lot consistency, resulting in more efficient separations and consistent analyte recoveries. The ASPEC SPE Cartridges are available with ASPEC caps for cost-effective, automation-ready use on ASPEC automated solutions.


Gilson's Guide to Solid Phase Extraction

As you go through the steps of SPE method development or transferring a manual method to your automated system, reference this guide as both a resource and step-by-step troubleshooting handbook. This guide provides a background for the technique and explains the science of solid phase extraction (SPE). It also offers practical advice for automating workflows via Gilson SPE systems and software.

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