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Trusted Results Need Trusted Sample Prep

Whether you are publishing experiments, seeking FDA approvals, or supporting GMP/GLP operations, you need trusted, verifiable results. To get there, you need reliable sample preparation. Choose from a host of lab systems to efficiently get your valuable samples ready for analysis through controlled and secured workflows. Plus, Gilson lab systems are flexible and modular, helping you quickly adapt as your research focus and needs change. When the time comes to increase your throughput, we can help—our specialty is translating manual processes into automated solutions that make your lab tasks easier.


The Name to Trust in Liquid Handling, Backed By Decades of Experience

Reliable pipetting is at the core of most liquid transfer procedures and Gilson is synonymous with durable and accurate pipetting tools. Beginning with the legendary PIPETMAN®, we have continued to partner with the scientific community to advance liquid transfer techniques and deliver the precise control required for reproducible results. From handheld, manual pipettes to more sophisticated automated pipetting systems and pumps, you will find a trusted, liquid transfer system for your application.


For Reliable Extraction Results, Start Here

Whether you need a manual or automated extraction solution, we offer a comprehensive range of instruments for isolating compounds from biological, food, or environmental matrices, and novel instrumentation for the study of protein-protein interactions. ASPEC® systems provide numerous options for your solid phase extraction (SPE) workflows that deliver improved yields and reproducibility. EXTRACTMAN®, an innovative magnetic bead extraction platform, offers a faster and gentler approach to isolating target proteins from a variety of samples and is ideal for isolating elusive, weakly bound protein complexes, critical to protein interaction research.


Reliable and Flexible Solutions for Your Purification Applications

Whether you need discovery-scale systems, are transitioning from pilot to process scale, or are purifying small or large molecules, you can trust our complete VERITY® purification solutions, including pumps, fraction collectors, detectors, and TRILUTION® control software. We have been advancing chromatography since the 1960s, and focus today on preparative and flash chromatography, centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC), and gel permeation chromatography (GPC). With our many available VERITY systems, built on modular components, you can easily adapt to where your research takes you, without investing in a new instrument.


Learn How CPC Technology Can Help You

Watch the video to learn more about CPC and how you might leverage it in your purification strategies.

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Service Solutions to Protect Your Investment

When your lab system needs maintenance or repairs, we’re here to help. Regular maintenance extends the life of your instruments, and saves you time and money by avoiding unexpected issues when you need your tools the most. Our rapid-response field service team will provide you expert, on-site support, decreasing your instrument downtime. For some components, you also have the option to send your instrument to our in-house service team. For minor repairs that you can take on yourself, choose genuine, high-quality Gilson replacement parts. Have questions? Call or email our expert technical support staff for further help.

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