Enabling Verifiable Science

We Are Gilson

We are Gilson, a third generation family-owned company developing liquid handling, purification, and extraction solutions with a focus on helping the life scientist at the bench achieve more productive research and verifiable data. Since 1957, we have helped researchers advance the pace of discovery by creating human-centered and application-oriented lab tools that improve reproducibility, traceability, and that are easy to use. Our employees are dedicated to working for scientific progress, with the same strongly held values that have been guiding the company since its creation, and it shows in our products. We connect and collaborate with the scientific community to make lab life easier for researchers and to help them achieve verifiable results.


Our Mission and Vision

Today, one of the biggest challenges facing scientists centers on verifiable data. Scientists need to trust that published conclusions are accurate and will stand the test of time. Trusted sample preparation is at the core of data accuracy and reliability. That’s why we create instruments and services that help reduce errors and improve scientific results. For over 60 years, we have been manufacturing reliable instruments, like the legendary PIPETMAN®. We believe that when researchers use trusted, built-to-last instruments, scientific experiments become more reproducible, the speed to discovery is faster, costs are reduced, and confidence grows.

  • Our Mission
    To partner with the scientific community and help researchers advance the pace of discovery by creating instruments and services that improve their results.
  • Our Vision
    Enabling verifiable science and making lab life easier for researchers.


Our Commitment to Quality Is Our Commitment to You

It is our policy to promote, with the leadership of our management, a total commitment to quality by each individual throughout our organization. It is our goal that this commitment to quality will result in complete customer satisfaction with both our products and services. For this purpose we have established and implemented a formal quality system. Performance of our quality system is monitored to ensure that we are meeting our customers’ requirements and that we continually improve the effectiveness of the system and our progress in achievement of our goal.


Offering a Worldwide Network of Support

With our worldwide network of representatives and authorized partners, we offer complete sales support and expertise to customers.


Join Our Team

We are a family-owned company offering a friendly, welcoming, and collaborative work environment that supports and encourages opportunities for growth and exploration.

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