Pipette Accessories

Accessories to Support Your Pipetting Tasks

Sometimes it’s small things that make all the difference in your pipetting experience. That’s why we offer a variety of pipette stands, chargers, and other accessories that make day-to-day pipetting more convenient for you.


Stands to Keep Your Lab Organized

Protect your pipettes from contamination and keep yourself organized by storing your pipettes on a stand. Choose from a range of stands and holders for single or multiple pipettes, all made of durable materials. Plus, these space-saving stand designs do not interfere with your valuable bench space.


Stay Fully Charged and Ready to Pipette

Always have a charged pipetting device when you need it. Our Power Carrousel™ accommodates up to five PIPETMAN® M electronic pipettes, keeping them off your benchtop and protecting them from shocks and contamination. For the MACROMAN® pipette controller, turn to our space-saving Charging Stand that provides convenient horizontal or vertical storage while charging between dispensing routines. Both are made of rugged materials to handle most lab environments.


Other Little Things That Help

Gilson offers an array of tools and kits to make your lab pipetting easier. Need a way to simplify tracking of individual pipettes? Want to calibrate your PIPETMAN yourself? Looking for trays to hold solutions for multichannel pipettes? We have that and more because we know that it’s the little things that can improve your lab routines.


Select the Right Tip for Your Application

Let us help you choose the best tip for your lab. Here are some best practices for evaluating tip quality and precision requirements.


Expect Expert Service—On-site, In-house, Online, or On the Phone

When your pipettes need maintenance or calibration, we are here to help. Regular maintenance extends the life of your pipettes, and saves you time and money by avoiding unexpected issues when you need your pipettes most. Whether your lab requires ISO level service or standard calibration and maintenance, Gilson has a service level to meet your needs. Send your pipettes to our in-house service department or contact us to inquire about having a certified technician come to your lab. Have a technical question? Call or email our expert technical support staff for further help.



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