Lab System Components

Configurable Components to Adapt to Your Research

We know that your scientific endeavors are constantly evolving. That is why we offer a variety of durable liquid handlers, pumps, and detectors that can be easily mixed and matched to meet your changing needs. Backed by Gilson’s long history in providing purification and liquid handling solutions, be reassured that our instruments are built to last and will make lab life easier.


Taking Liquid Transfers to the Next Level

Take the guesswork out of repetitive liquid handling tasks through software-controlled automated instrumentation. Whether your application requires a single channel, multiple channels, variable spacing, or disposable tips, our liquid handling solutions meet your needs, and provide the reliability and traceability you need.


Unsurpassed Flexibility for All Types of Pumping Applications

Choose from an extensive line of pump options to fit your application. Our pumps cover a range of flow rates, accommodate a variety of column diameters, and handle a wide pressure range. Whether you need a peristaltic pump, such as our MINIPLUS® line, or pumps for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) from isocratic to quaternary, we have a pump that will tackle your toughest challenges.


Versatile, Rugged, and Accurate Detection Solutions

From UV/Vis to mass-directed detection, we offer a variety of options that are ideal for your HPLC applications. The VERITY® 1920 MS Detector simplifies single quadrupole detection, providing you faster results while decreasing the need for further analysis. Our evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD),VERITY® 1601 Detector, is well-suited for the detection of non-volatile analytes, with or without chromophores. Gilson UV/VIS detectors give you the capability to monitor up to four wavelengths simultaneously. Upgrade to Photodiode Array detection, (PDA), for a more thorough analysis of your samples. Whatever your detection challenges and changing needs are, we can help with reliable detection solutions that meet your requirements.


Making Mass Spec More Mainstream

Read this article discussing smaller and easy-to-use mass-directed detection technology for use in chromatography.


Maximize Your Sample Prep with TRILUTION® Software

With complete control of your liquid handling, HPLC, or PIPETMAX® platforms, the TRILUTION® software suite enables you to focus on the science. The method flexibility built into TRILUTION allows your Gilson system to adapt to your lab’s experimental needs. Choose from TRILUTION LH for seamless automated liquid handling and solid phase extraction (SPE) methods, TRILUTION LC for easier and more efficient purifications, or TRILUTION micro for biological liquid handling applications.


Expect Expert Service—On-site, In-house, Online, or On the Phone

When your lab system components need maintenance or repairs, we’re here to help. Regular maintenance extends the life of your instruments, and saves you time and money by avoiding unexpected issues when you need your tools the most. Our rapid-response field service team will provide you expert, on-site support, decreasing your instrument downtime. For some components, you also have the option to send your instrument to our in-house service team. For minor repairs that you can take on yourself, then choose genuine, high-quality Gilson replacement parts. Have questions? Call or email our expert technical support staff for further help.



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