Verifiable Scientific Results Require Reliable Purification Systems

Get the accuracy and precision you need for trusted results with VERITY® purification systems. Whether you isolate large or small molecules or need milligram to kilogram purifications, our VERITY systems offer you a wide array of components to build the perfect system to meet your specific needs. All systems are easily controlled by intuitive software, letting you focus on the science. Backed by Gilson’s long history in chromatography, you are reassured that VERITY solutions are built to last and will make your life in the lab easier.


Pilot to Process Scale Chromatography

Gilson has developed a range of tailor-made chromatographic solutions for kilo-lab, pilot scale, or industrial use to purify fine chemicals and APIs. Our solutions match requirements from start-ups, CROs, and large pharmaceutical companies for GMP and non-GMP applications.

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Improve Yields with Minimal Sample Loss for Less

Ideal for natural product purification, the VERITY system with the PLC and CPC Column is the ultimate solution for automated low-solvent, silica-free purifications. High injection capacities coupled with high flow rates allow you to purify samples faster with recoveries of greater than 95%. With no expensive columns to replace and less solvent consumption, the VERITY system with the centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) column becomes a greener, cost-effective option to traditional Flash and Preparative HPLC.

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Natural Product Purification by Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC)

Centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) has a variety of potential applications for the purification of large and small molecules on both pilot and bench scales. In this webinar, Gilson Field Application Specialist, Lauren Pahnke, breaks down the CPC system in further detail. She gives an overview of:

  • The available purification systems Gilson offers
  • The science behind the CPC system
  • The general CPC methodology
  • How CPC differs from other purification and extraction solutions

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Isolate, Analyze, and Desalt Oligonucleotides in One Continuous Run

With a VERITY Oligo Purification System, you can now have a single platform for continuous purification and analysis of reagent-grade oligonucleotides that easily moves from analytical to preparative scale, saving you time and space. The fully automated system with built-in error handling lets you walk away, without the worry of sample loss. The real-time data monitoring, provides you with immediate updates of the purifications underway, so you to make informed decisions quickly without downtime.

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Improve column life and decrease downtime

The VERITY GPC Clean-up System provides a post-extraction purification solution that removes high-molecular weight matrix interferences prior to GC, GC/MS, HPLC, or LC/MS. Removal of these substances protects downstream chromatography columns and instrument, improves analytical accuracy, and lowers detection limits. Two VERITY GPC Clean-Up System configurations are available—with and without UV detector.

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