PIPETMAN L Microvolume Starter Kit, P2L, P10L, P100L


The PIPETMAN® L Micro-volume Kit provides the three pipettes most used by molecular biologists for pipetting enzymes, reagents, and buffers—a P2L, P10L, and P100L—plus accessories, tips, and the Gilson Guide to Pipetting. Comfortable, precise, accurate, and reliable, use PIPETMAN L pipettes confidently in your applications.

Convenient Use

Lightweight and balanced, PIPETMAN L combines an ergonomic design with minimized pipetting forces, giving you the abipty to pipette longer without fatigue.
Right-handed or left-handed? No problem. Adjust the location of the tip ejector to the most comfortable position for you.

Secure Pipetting

Reduce pipetting errors and avoid accidental volume changes during pipetting cycles with a true volume-locking mechanism for improved accuracy and precision.
PIPETMAN L variable volume models are all fully autoclavable without disassembly for maximum convenience and protection from cross-contamination.

GLP Comppance

PIPETMAN L models feature a DataMatrix 2D code for easy traceabipty. Use a 2D code scanner to transfer the code automatically into any traceabilty or asset management system. Also, the pipette serial number is engraved on the body of the pipette for unique identification.

Everything You Need to Start

Each economically bundled PIPETMAN L Starter kit includes:

  •     Three PIPETMAN L pipettes: P2L, P10L, and P100L equipped with stainless-steel tip ejectors

  •     Two racks of PIPETMAN DIAMOND tips (models: DL10 and D200)

  •     Three SINGLE pipette holders

  •     Three plastic tip ejectors as extra accessories

  •     The Gilson Guide to Pipetting

  •     The Two-minute Inspection Poster


Pipette TypeManual Air Displacement
Accessories Included3 Single Pipette Holders, 3 Plastic Ejectors, 1 Gilson Guide to Pipetting, 1 Two-minute Inspection Posters
Adjustable or Fixed VolumeAdjustable Volume
Pipette Models IncludedP2L, P10L, P100L
Pipette Tips IncludedD10 TIPACK, D200 TIPACK
Pipette RangePIPETMAN L

Supporting Literature

Declaration of Conformity
PIPETMAN L Declaration of Conformity Download (EN)    
PIPETMAN L Flyer Download (EN)    
Pipette Selection Guide Download (CN)    
Specification Sheets
Pipette Specifications Download (EN)    
PIPETMAN L Product Specifications Download (EN)    
Technical Notes
Cleaning and Decontamination Procedure for Gilson Pipettes Download (EN)    
Terms and Conditions
PIPETMAN L Quick Guide Download (EN)    
User Guides
PIPETMAN L User's Guide Download (EN)    

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