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For more than 60 years, we've been partnering closely with the scientific community to inspire the evolution of our pipettes, tips, and services. Our trio of excellence protects the integrity of your samples - because confidence in the reliability and reproducibility of your results is invaluable.



Popular Applications

  • COVID-19 Testing

    RT-LAMP & qPCR COVID-19 Testing Workflows

    Learn how we can help accelerate your RT-LAMP and qPCR COVID-19 testing workflows. Here we illustrate each step of your process with a description of recommended solutions to improve your results and enhance sample integrity.

  • RT-qPCR

    Reverse transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR)

    Manually extracting viral RNA and plate setup of RT-qPCR is time consuming and laborious. This application note describes the automation of RNA extraction on the Promega Maxwell® 16 system and the GoTaq® Probe 1-Step RT-qPCR system on the Gilson PIPETMAX® 268. RNA extraction and RT-qPCR were both shown to be superior to the manual methods in terms of time-savings and reproducibility.


    Using ELISA for Antibody & Antigen Detection in COVID-19 Research

    ELISAs are being used in COVID-19 research to detect antibodies against SARS-CoV2 in serum or plasma samples to identify individuals who have been infected. Learn more about the various tools and products being used in each step of the ELISA workflow.


After Your Purchase, We’re Here to Help

Our commitment to your product satisfaction only just begins with your purchase. We have dedicated global service, support, and training teams that are there to help you maintain the maximum performance of your instruments, make your lab life easier, and ensure the reliability of your data.


COVID-19 Testing

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Cell Culture Workflow Solutions

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Helping Researchers Advance Cancer Treatments by Identifying Weak Protein Interactions

Protein-protein interactions play an ever important role in oncogenesis. In this video, Dr. Richard Burgess, Professor Emeritus of Oncology at the University of Wisconsin, discusses approaches to characterize weak protein interactions that are targeted by cancer researchers.

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Our engineers and scientists continually strive to improve our instruments, both inside and out. The industry has noticed and awarded their progress.


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At Gilson, we partner with the scientific community to help researchers advance the pace of discovery by providing products and services that make their lab life easier and improve the reproducibility of their results. If you’re excited about making a big impact, a career at Gilson might be the perfect choice for you.

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